Working to Save a Marriage

Many couples often stay in unhealthy relationships without discussing their issues. When they reach their breaking point, rather than actually trying to fix their problems, many couples choose to file for divorce with the belief that ending the relationship is the only way to end the unhealthy relationship. Many couples choose to move away rather than face the uncertainty of their relationship, whether it will work out or not.

For those who file for divorce, it is essential to know if divorce is really the best decision for the relations. One of the things that couples should think about is whether they have hard or soft issues; hard issues could mean problems with abuse or addictions. Being involved in hard issues or problems in a marriage can make divorce a necessity for your wellbeing, but if issues can be worked out or if the underlying problem can be determined perhaps the marriage can be worked out.

Couples who choose who reconnect can get help through a marriage counselor. Not many couples who are experiencing marital issues go to marriage counselors, forestalling a fair chance for their marriage to work by believing marriage counseling is either unnecessary or will not help. Going to a marriage counselor, however, has many benefits. Not everyone has the relationship skills that are needed in order to maintain and solve problems in a marriage, and this is where marriage counselors help.

A key factor in a marriage falling out is the miscommunication or lack of communication between you and your spouse. Marriage counseling can help establish better communication by having the marriage counselor mediate over the conflicts that have built up, monitor the progress, and provide objective feedback that could be important in understanding you and your spouse’s needs and wants. Be warned, however, that marriage counseling can only guise you and your spouse through the process of fixing what might be wrong in your relationship, they are not the ones who will fix them for you. Going to the marriage counselor earlier on to address the marital issues can determine whether it is worth saving or it is time to file for divorce.


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