Workers’ Compensation for All!

Desk employees are in just as much danger of developing health complications as those who are in construction or other physically-exertive jobs. One of the most common injuries that many desk workers suffer from is repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the condition where you feel tingling pain, numbness, and weakness in the thumb, index finger, and the middle finger due to the irritation of the median nerve, causing irritation on the wrist.

Workers’ compensation generally covers every employee and could insure for carpal tunnel syndrome, but exemptions apply depending on the type of employment. Being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome due to activities that are work-related, you should be aware of the laws that govern workers’ compensation in your state. Getting workers’ compensation may be the only way for you to acquire financial compensation from your company regarding carpal tunnel syndrome.

Generally all states require employers to have workers’ compensation coverage, also known as workman’s comp in some states, for their employees. When your carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by work-related tasks, then you will be entitled for benefits from workers’ compensation. Be aware, however, that when you file your claim for workman’s comp with your states’ administrative agency, you forfeit your right to sue your company for the damages caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

There may be instances where previous employers will be considered as your employer for workman’s comp, provided that your tenure with their company brought about the carpal tunnel syndrome. This depends also on your states’ workers’ compensation statutes. Among the benefits that will be provided by the workman’s comp are medical expenses and both temporary and permanent disability benefits. These benefits are also governed by the workman’s comp rules in your state, therefore the amount of benefits can be limited for carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, there are states that base their compensation to the severity of the injury or disability that it caused.


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