Things You Need to Know about Storage

There is a rule of thumb that most people should follow when it comes to their everyday possessions: if you haven’t used it in one year, get rid of it. It is excellent advice for simplifying your life. You could also make some quick cash with it. However, there are some circumstances when it is better to store them.

The most common one is that you have to go away for a while but intend to come back. Another reason is that you inherited stuff you don’t have room for yet, but don’t want to sell for sentimental reasons. The easiest solution for such cases is putting them in storage. However, since you attach some importance to these things, you should take time to choose a good storage company. Here are some considerations for you as suggested by the Better Business Bureau.


Take the trouble to get written quotes from a minimum of three storage facilities in your area. You can usually get these online, or the facility may want to see what you are going to store before offering an estimate. Compare fees for the rental, storage preparation and packaging, transport, and optional services you need i.e. insurance. Some facilities require a minimum number of months.


Determine how big a space you really need. The storage company will want you to get bigger units, but you can save a lot if you get just the right size. Check also if the climate for your particular storage period will require you to get a climate-controlled unit, which is more expensive than a standard unit. In an area of high humidity, you may want to consider a climate-controlled unit if the storage period will include the summer months.


Unless your property is purely sentimental in value, get insurance coverage against fire, theft, and other damage. Some homeowners’ policies include self-storage. If yours doesn’t, find out if the storage facility offers insurance, or ask your insurance agent to get you some.


Your storage facility should provide some measure of security such as surveillance cameras and restricted access. However, even if the facility has good security, it is best to take your own measures. Get a sturdy lock, preferably a heavy-duty padlock for which only you have to key to secure your unit.


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