Public Harm from Construction Site Accidents

There are number of injuries that can happen in a construction site, and the more alarming thing to know is that these injuries is not only a danger to the workers; pedestrians are also at risk of suffering serious injuries from construction site accidents. Minor misjudgments or errors in the construction site can result to major injuries to workers and pedestrians. Both the worker and the pedestrian have the right to sue the construction company for damages and injuries that resulted from an accident from falling debris.

Since many construction workers who get hurt on site accidents are covered by workers’ compensation, majority of personal injury lawsuits are filed by pedestrians and other non-employees. Each personal injury claim has the same elements to be presented to court: the duty of the construction site to keep the area safe, this duty has been breached, and that the breach caused damages and injury. The difficult part of going to court with a personal injury lawsuit against a construction company is who should be held responsible. According to the website of Ravid & Associates, P.C. of Detroit, there are many parties that are involved (the general contractor, owners, and various subcontractors), and all of them can take responsibility for the worksite’s safety. It all depends on the contract signed among the parties. Having a successful personal injury claim can mean knowing which ones you should fight against.

Head and brain injuries are the most common injuries suffered by those who have had falling debris hit them due to unsafe construction sites. These injuries can be overwhelming and serious, and could become a life-long disability that a worker or pedestrian would endure. It is not merely a physical injury, but could account for financial, social, and mental pain and suffering that could affect them for the rest of their life. There are many types of safety errors that could result to falling debris injuries. Among the most common are insufficient barricades and signage that are necessary to warn pedestrians and non-employees, and the failure of the company to inspect and ensure the conditions of their tools and equipment.

Liability for personal injury lawsuits regarding falling debris in a construction site can depend on the details that surround the accident.


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