Beers and Bands: An eternal pair

It’s kinda been a rough year with Tom Petty passing away, but then when you look at who else died, it starts to become a bit overwhelming. Fats Domino, the piano legend, Chuck Berry, the guitar legend, Glen Campbell, the rhinestone cowboy, Walter Becker, the co-founder of Steely Dan, Chester Bennington, the frontman for Linkin Park, Gregg Allman, of the Allman Brothers, and even Chris Cornell, a great voice of modern rock and roll.

These guys are some of the best, and they will be sorely missed. I’m in a band myself and mostly play on the weekends. We get together during the week to hang out and kick it, but on the weekends, the band can stay up late and play pretty loud. We’ve gotten the cops called on us a couple of times, but they just tell us to turn it down and then leave. I know it’s the same neighbor, but they live four houses down, and no one else on my street cares.

My dog loves hearing the bass drum, and she gets really excited when she hears drums. She will knock pillows off the sofa and shake them around, but only when we play the kick drum. It’s hilarious, and I wish I knew why it was that drum specifically.

Our setup is pretty sweet. We have two couches, the drum set, four guitar amps, a bass combo, a PA system, four mics, two keyboards, and lots of guitars. No jam room is complete without a place to keep your beer cold, and we use a fine piece of equipment called a Growler Chill. It works like a charm.

We use to buy cheap beers, but now that we all have jobs, the band has upgraded to craft brews. Occasionally we’ll pick up a handle of some whiskey, but mostly, we’re buying growlers. It’s better for playing because we can sip on something while we sing, and it doesn’t hit you like a train out of nowhere. Ever since I started drinking from a tap, I hate drinking out of cans.

We were thinking about calling our band “Can Crushers”, but now we’re thinking of something more along the lines of “Fluid Motion Soundscapes” and just go by FMS for short. Kinda like the Chili Peppers from LA. We want a name that is powerful and easy to remember, but also has that edginess to it because we are totally rock and roll. Which reminds me, I hate how country music is ripping off of rock these days. Modern country is rock and roll with hillbilly lyrics, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I’m hoping we can get some shows lined up here in the next few years. It would be a lot of fun to say we finally played something, but we’ll have to get a name first. I kinda like the idea of “Flying on Wings Tomorrow”, like it feels ominous but also hopeful at the same time. It’s pretty deep, but I’ll have to share that with the boys and see what they think.


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