The Aftermath of a Poor, Unfortunate Permanent Partial Disability

What if, due to an accident at work, you are permanently damaged from performing your work the same way you might have done it before? And what if this situation was brought out due to negligence of a guilty party? Events such as these often call for extensive medical treatment and procedures and if it involves the loss of organs or body parts then by definition, according to website of Hankey Law Office P.C., the victim is eligible to receive permanent partial disability benefits, and contacting the appropriate law firm is instrumental in receiving the compensation you deserve.

These benefits are a claim from employee to employer as an injury within the workplace that results into this kind of disability falls under the subset of workers compensation, in the league with other personal injury claims such as that of premises liability or dog bites. And as with any personal injury case, the victim of negligence is warranted to receive due compensation for the damage had done unto them.

There is the loss of income for the days unable to work at all to account for as well as the medical expenses that are undoubtedly within the equation of a disability born out of the workplace. There is quite a significant difference between temporary and permanent partial disability, however, and the difference is quite decidedly and blatantly obvious. With a temporary partial disability, the victim is expected to make a full recovery; whilst a permanent partial disability means that the victim will suffer the consequences of the injury for the rest of their lives.

Most permanent partial disability cases involve the loss of limb or body part, commonly separated into scheduled losses (e.g. fingers, legs) or non-scheduled losses (e.g. kidneys, livers). And, again, as with any personal injury claim – a claim like this is long, arduous work that involves lots of legal jargon and procedures that may be more work that you need, given the situation.

That is why it is advisable for you to contact a workers compensation lawyer, if you or someone you know should find yourself or them in an unfortunate situation such as this.


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